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  Upgrades and New Systems
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Phone: 052-2544544
Email: info@bjbenton.com

We listen to your specific needs and will build a custom system without any unnecessary frills or hardware that is of no use to you.
We are registered with Intel as an IPI (Intel Product Integrator), and use only genuine Intel motherboards, processors, and products.

We never use inferior brands of motherboards that only have a small Intel chip set.
Only the bestAll the components in our systems are of the highest quality, Including Western Digital, Seagate, Samsung & Phillips. All of our systems come with the latest versions of Microsoft Windows.

Systems are built in our laboratory and then tested for at least 24 hours, then delivered direct, Installed and tested to ensure trouble-free operation.

Swift serviceOur prices include setup and delivery, including the transfer of old data to the new computer. Only after your new system has been built and tested do we transfer your data, delivering the new one ready for work the next day to minimize the time you’re without a computer.

RepairsIf for any reason one of our systems need repairs that we cannot carry out at your premises/home we will lend you a computer to enable you to carry on with email & Internet whilst we repair your system.

QuotePlease contact us for a quote for your specific needs.

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